The customer has a medium-sized pig breeding base. With the continuous expansion of the breeding scale in recent years, the output of the existing small-scale feed production equipment can no longer meet the growing demand. Recently, the customer ordered a 5tons stainless steel automatic batching feed mill plant from our company. The equipment is currently installed.

Product features: The main equipment of this animal feed mill is made of stainless steel, which is anti-corrosion and reduces maintenance costs for customers. The automatic metering oil injection pump can quickly measure the oil required for each batch of feed instead of manual, and evenly spray and add it during the feed stirring overshoot.

The animal feed mill process is composed of batching, lifting, storage, crushing, mixing, and finished product storage. The process is continuous and reasonable, and the operation and maintenance are convenient.

There are two structural forms of medium and large feed production lines: integral steel frame type and floor type. The overall steel frame layout is compact, and the shape is beautiful and elegant; the floor type is easy to use and maintain. Large and medium-sized automatic batching feed production equipment adopts computer automatic batching, with good batching accuracy, high degree of mechanization and automation.

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stainless steel animal feed mill plant
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