Project site: China

Capacity: 4TPH cat litter pellets manufacturing

Final pellet: 3mm cat litter

Main Equipment: hammer mill, double shaft paddle Mixing machine, ring die pellet machine, cooling machine, Microwave dryer, screening machine, packaging machine and and other auxiliary equipment, etc.

4ton cat litter production line layout

The customer planned to export finished soya cat litter from China to European countries. According to the customer’s factory size and production capacity, we recommended 4 TPH cat litter production line. We confirmed the drawing and he visited our company to confirm all the details.

After 20 days, the equipment was transported to the customer’s factory and 2 workers finished the installation within 15 days, hoping the customer will run more smoothly in the near future.

At present we have several cat litter production line projects running in Russia, Ukraine, Saudi Arabia and other countries, welcome to consult us to know more.

soya cat litter making line
4 ton tofu cat litter production line
4 ton cat litter making machine