Project site: Bangladesh

Capacity: 3 tons of poultry feed and 1.5 tons of floating fish feed

Final pellet: 2-12 mm pellets

Main Equipment: feed hammer mill, aquatic feed extruder, double shaft paddle Mixer, feed pellet machine, pellet crumbler machine, cooling machine, packaging machine and and other auxiliary equipment, etc.

The 1t/h-3t/h poultry and fish combined feed production line project covers an area of 16*8*7 meters. The raw materials are corn, wheat, soybean meal, oil, additive and other mixtures.

Our company provides customers with flow charts, installation drawings, operating instructions, steel list, floor schematics and other materials, and dispatches technicians and installers to the local to guide the construction. After 50 days of hard work, the feed mill plant was completed and successfully debugged and started to produce feed pellets.

combined feed production line
combined feed plant
poultry and fish combined feed line