Fish feed production plant is suitable for the feed pellets production with different size for different growth periods of fish, capacity from 500 kg to 10 TPH, different design are available according to your requirements.

The fish feed production line can produce catfish, grass carp, crucian carp, tilapia, ornamental fish, turtle, bullfrog, lobster, turtle, prawn and other aquatic feed pellets.

fish feed production plant

Fish feed production process

Raw material crushing → raw material (corn meal, soybean meal powder, flour, shrimp shell and crab shell meal, fish meal, etc.) preparation → mixer → conveyor → twin screw feed extruder → conveying → drying equipment (electric oven, gas oil oven or Steam oven) → oil injection → double barrel seasoning system → cooling conveyor → screening → silo → packaging machine.

fish feed plant for sale

Features of fish feed production plant

  • 1. Comprehensive and balanced nutrition, strong attractant, prawns are fond of food;
  • 2. High digestion and utilization rate, low feed coefficient, low breeding cost;
  • 3. After feeding the fish, the body is full, the body color is translucent, the elasticity is large, the muscles are elastic, and the meat is delicious. smooth;
  • 4. The fish feed pellets have good maturation, high stability in water, good suspension, no collapse in a short time, and less pollution to water quality;
  • 5. The mold can control the size of the material, and the configuration is flexible.