The chicken feed production line is suitable for the feed pellets production with different size such as mash for baby chicken, 3 mm for broiler, and 4mm for cock, capacity from 500kgph to 20tph, different designs are available according to your requirements.

chicken feed pellets

A complete chicken feed production line includes feed hammer mill, feed mixing machine, ring die feed pellet machine, feed cooling machine, feed screening machine, feed packaging machine, electric control system and other feed auxiliary equipment.

chicken feed production line equipments

Chicken Feed Pelleting Process Technology

feed pellet production process

Chicken Feed Formula Referenced

Broiler Chick(0-2 weeks of age)
Fish meal 7%
Soybean meal 29.6%
Rape-seed cake 3%
Corn 55%
Vegetable oil 2.4%
Calcium carbonate 1%
Premix 2%
(in the per kilogram premix contains calcium 85 grams, phosphorus 50 grams, magnesium 4.9 grams, copper 0.7 grams, iron 5.5 grams, zinc 7 grams, manganese 5.2 grams, iodine 20 milligrams, selenium 10 milligrams, compound vitamin 10 grams, choline 20 grams, methionine 75 grams, lysine 30 grams.)

Advantages Of Chicken Feed Production Line

  • Based on thousands of successful chicken feed plant projects, Double Crane machinery can provide you the best cost and design project plan of feed mill plant.
  • We can customize the feed pellet processing line according to your requirements on pellet size, capacity per hour and different animals.
  • Available for making different kinds of animal feeds, such as cattle, cow, sheep, horse, pig, rabbit, chicken, duck, etc.
  • Experienced engineers for overseas installation and training.

Layout Of Chicken Feed Production line (Reference)

design flowchart chicken feed production line

Complete Chicken Feed Plant Project

China 5TPH pig feed plant
China 1TPH chicken feed pellet line