Feed mill plant can be used to make animal feed pellet, poultry Feed pellet and aquatic feed pellets, now we have developed different kinds of the production line design for different pellets.

feed mill plant making pellets

Feed Mill Plant Process

1. Receiving raw materials:

Raw materials such as grains, proteins, minerals, and vitamins are received and stored in a silo or bin.

2. Grinding:

Raw materials are ground into a fine powder to make them more easily digestible for animals.

3. Mixing:

The ground ingredients are mixed together in the correct proportion to produce the desired feed recipe.

4. Pelleting:

The mixed feed is then compressed into pellets using a pellet mill. The pellet mill creates heat and pressure, which helps the ingredients bind together and form a dense, easy-to-handle pellet.

5. Cooling:

The hot pellets are cooled to room temperature to prevent spoilage and to make them easier to handle.

6. Sifting:

The cooled pellets are screened to remove any fines or unformed pellets.

7. Packaging:

The final pellets are then packaged in bags or bulk containers, ready for storage or transportation.

8. Storage:

The packaged feed is stored in a cool, dry place until it’s ready to be transported and used by farmers or feed distributors.

The process consists of cleaning machine, feed hammer mill, mixer, ring die pellet mill, cooling machine, screening machine, packaging machine and other auxiliary equipment. Automation can be achieved through the use of advanced equipment and computer systems, which help ensure consistent quality, improve efficiency and reduce costs.

In the whole feed pellet production line, feed hammer mill, mixing machine and feed pellet machine are the core equipment, which can be used alone and combined together, all the machines are strictly developed and manufactured according to CE and ISO standard to guarantee premium quality.

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