Cat litter production line is used to produce cat litter, which can bury their feces and urine in cat toilet or litter box.

Then it can help keep the room clean and fresh air. And our production line mainly produces tofu cat litter.

Usually the 2-5 mm diameter of cat litter are the most popular because of the strong water absorption.

Cat litter is mainly divided into mineral cat litter and plant cat litter. Mineral cat litter mainly has bentonite cat litter, zeolite cat litter, crystal cat litter, diatomaceous earth cat litter, clay cat litter. Plant cat litter mainly has tofu cat litter, paper cat litter, wood cat litter.

cat litter pellet types

Cat litter Processing Technology

A complete cat litter manufacturing plant consists of cleaning machine, hammer mill, mixing machine, ring die pellet machine, cooling machine, Microwave dryer, screening machine, packaging machine and and other auxiliary equipment.

Cat litter manufacturing process

Advantages of Cat Litter Production Line

  1. Based on thousands of successful tofu cat litter pellet line project, Double Crane machinery can provide you the best ideal and most suitable project plan of cat litter pellet plants.
  2. We can customize the cat litter processing line according to your requirements on pellet size, capacity per hour and different animals.
  3. Experienced engineers for overseas installation and training.

Layout of Tofu Cat Litter Production Line

cat litter production line layout

2T/H cat litter making line

cat litter process flow

600KG/H cat litter manufacturing plant

Cat Litter Manufacturing Plant Project

cat litter production line project