The feed pellet mill is also one of the core machine in the feed pellet production line, it is mainly used for pelletizing the feed pellet for livestock and poultry, like chicken feed, pig feed, duck feed, fish feed, cattle feed etc.

feed pellet mill
feed pellet machine

Main Features of Feed Pellet Mill

  • Different pellets size available to meet different animals.
  • Driven by variable frequency motor, working more smoothly
  • Visible pelletizing process, convenient to find and solve problem.
  • The conditioner, main shaft, cast-type blade can be 304 stainless steel.
feed pellet mill production pellets

The size of the pellets can be changed by changing the mould.

Output of Ring Die Pellet Machine: 1.2-2.5ton/h

The pellet size Φ2-8mm.

feed pellet machine ring mould

Raw materials such as  cereals(soybean, maize, corn, grain, sorghum, corn flour, wheat flour etc) and Coarse fiber(wheat bran, corn stalk, soybean meal, grass meal, rice husk,  grass,  groundnut shell, etc).

The machine can make cattle, geese, pig, duck, chicken, sheep, rabbit, and other animals, livestock and poultry feed, such as 2-4mm diameter chick feed pellets and pig feed pellets.

2-5mm rabbit feed pellet, 4-8mm cattle or sheep feed pellets.

Last, pellet length can be adjusted.