Feed mixer is important in the feed pellet plant and considered to be the heart of feed milling operation. Feed mixer is an efficient and versatile machine for mixing different kinds of powder such as grain powder, fodder, straw powder and other materials.

Feed Mixer Types

Double Shaft Paddle Feed Mixer is an advanced mixer machine with high efficiency, high mixture homogeneity. Two open doors structure, discharge rapidly. Conveyed by three chains, run in low speed, stable operation movement.

The mixer is widely used for mixing powder-powder and powder-granule, especially suitable for materials with big difference in specific gravity or particle size.

Main features of Double Shaft Paddle Feed Mixer

  • Mixed in gravity-free state, no segregation, various liquids also acceptable
  • Two open doors structure, discharge rapidly, no leakage, less residue.
  • Short mixing time(40-120sec/batch), High mixture homogeneity
  • Conveyed by three chains, run in low speed, stable operation movement.
  • Advanced adding and spraying system could be added many kinds of liquid and solid at the same time, precision spraying and convenient control.

double shaft feed mixer structure

Working principle:

Due to the two-axis reverse rotation, the angled blades circulate the material in the axial direction and the radial direction to achieve uniform mixing of the materials. The material is thrown in the mixer to form a fluid layer, which generates instantaneous weight loss, and produces a cross-interlacing, blending, diffusion and the like in the gravity-free mixing machine without destroying the mixture. And grinding, also has a good adaptability to the mixing of coarse and fine materials, so that the material can achieve the best mixing effect in a short time.


  1. Short mixing time 40-120s per batch.
  2. Full-length double-door mechanism, quick discharge, no leakage.
  3. Mixing uniformity: coefficient of variation CV ≤ 5%, up to 2%
Technical Item Parameters
Model SLHSJ-1
Power 11kw
Effectual Container 1m3
Capacity 0.5T/batch
Mixing Time 40-180s
Uniformity cv≤5%
Rotate Speed 25r/min
atmospheric pressure 0.4>MPa
Machine Size 2050*2185*1650mm
Note Can add oil pump and oil drum.

It can also be equipped with Φ160 screw elevator with the length of 3m .

Optional Motor: 7.5kw 11kw 18.5kw 30kw

The feed mixer is mainly used in the mash feed plant and feed pellet production line. The feed mixer can also used with other auxiliary equipment such as vertical lift conveyor or inclined conveyor to mix the granules and powder.

Widely used for mixing animal feed and fertilizer powder, granule etc.

double shaft feed mixer project

This single shaft mixing machine is suitable for powder material mixing. The feed mixer have the special rotor in round body and high mixing degree, you can mix different type of raw material into mixer according to different animal feed formula.

Main features of feed mixer

  • Using chain driven, stable transmission
  • Round body, no dead angle and no block inside.
  • High mixture homogeneity without segregation
  • One end for feeding, the other for discharging.
  • Simple corollary equipment, small investment.
  • CV≤7%, mixing time: 2-4 minutes.

single shaft feed mixer machine

Working principle

The feed mixer has a central shaft with blades angled in different ways that look like ribbons of metal wrapped around the shaft, and the blades move in different directions at the same time, ensuring that all ingredients are blended in, and high mixture homogeneity without segregation.


  1. Mixing time 2-4 minutes per batch.
  2. One end discharge, direct loading.
  3. Mixing uniformity: coefficient of variation CV ≤ 7%.
Model Effectual Container(m3) Capacity(kg) Mixing time(s) Uniformity (cv≤%) Power(kw)
SHJ-2000 5 2000 3-6 5-7 30
SHJ-1000 2.5 1000 5-7 18.5
SHJ-500 1 500 5-7 7.5
SHJ-250 0.6 250 5-7 5.5
SHJ-100 0.21 100 5-7 2.2

The feed mixer  can be working together with hammer mill and screw conveyer, widely used for mixing animal feed and fertilizer powder, granule etc, suit for premix, poultry feed, aquatic feed, additives, fertilizer industry, chemical and medicine industries, etc.

feed mixer machine project