Bucket elevator is widely used for the vertical transportation of materials in many industries like ports, wharves, silos, warehouses, feed and so on.

1. Compact structure and small cross-secional dimensions can significantly save floor space.

2.The round head is covered plastic technology, increasing friction coefficiency and improving tramsmission efficiency.

3. The new shaft sealing structure can prevent dust leakage.

Bucket elevator

4. Equipped with non-return device to avoid the blocking in case of power off, speed detection and deviation alarm device are optional.

5. Applicable to continuous and vertical lifting of powder, granular and small bulk materials.

It is widely used in the powdery material lifting in feed, grain, food, chemicals, building materials and grain storage, upgrading of bulk material in port terminals.

Bucket elevator modle

Technical parameter model Head wheel dia (mm) Transportation volume(m³/h) Max. lifting height(m) powerKW
TDTG36/18 360 12~18 40 calculated by length and capacity
TDTG40/18 400 10~16 40
TDTG40/23 400 15~25 40
TDTG40/28 400 20~35 40
TDTG50/23 500 20~35 45
TDTG50/28 500 35~65 45
TDTG60/30 600 60~70 45
TDTG60/33 600 80~100 45
Bucket elevator feed plant project