Project site: Ghana

Capacity: 2-3 ton/h ( 15,000 tons per year )

Application: Pig

Main Raw material: Corn, wheat, soybean meal, fish meal

Last year, a Ghanaian client planned to invest in a pig farm to produce his own pig feed. The customer found our animal feed production plant projects in other African countries through Google.

After communication, we recommend the customer to purchase the 320 model feed production line according to the size of the customer’s factory, the number of pigs, feed materials and other conditions.

The animal feed production plant adopts a vertical layout steel frame structure, including feed crushing, mixing, pelletizing, cooling, sieving, automatic packaging section, with grease adding and steam boiler system to meet production needs.

After in-depth communication, the customer was very satisfied with our feed mill plant design plan, and quickly paid the deposit. Our company immediately started order production, and with the assistance of engineers, instructed the customer to build the plant and the pit. After 45 days of intensive stocking, the order production was completed. , Send pictures and videos to the customer for inspection, the customer is very satisfied, and the balance payment is paid and the goods are shipped smoothly.

At present, the customer has completed the installation of the pig feed production line and is ready to start producing pig feed.

animal feed production plant ghana
3tph pig feed production line
3tph animal feed production plant