Project site: Senegal
Capacity: 8TPH  animal feed manufacturing plant
Final pellet: 8-12mm feed pellet
Main Equipment: Feed hammer mill, mixing machine, Ring Die Feed Pellet Machine, Counterflow Cooler, Screw Conveyor, Bucket Elevator, Pulse Dust Collector, Cyclone Dust Collector, Silos, etc.

The customer plan to manage the feed pellet business, there are many animal farm and other poultry farms, with experienace of buying pellets from other farm,he found the suitable feed mill plant from our website and purchased at once. After 2 months he installed this new production line with the manual and drawing we sent to him.
Then he sent two pictures as a feedback gift.
This feed production line produces enough feed pellets and he will find more farms to sell his fodder.

In the near future, he will creat a new feed brand to expand the local market.

animal feed manufacturing plant senegal
8tph animal feed plant senegal