Project site: Tibet, China

Capacity: 5 ton/h

Application: laying chicken

Main Machinery: water drop hammer mill, double-shaft mixer, 5 ton pellet mill, 9 batching bins, full automatic packaging machine.

layer chicken feed making machine
chicken feed making machine
5tph chicken feed making machine

Advantages of 5TPH of laying chicken feed making machine

1. Computer automatic batching is adopted, with high batching accuracy and labor saving.

2. The cooling system adopts counterflow cooler, which has good cooling effect, high degree of automation, low noise, simple operation and less maintenance.

3. Using a fully automatic packaging machine with a high degree of automation, the contact material is made of stainless steel, the packaging weight can be set freely, and the operation is simple.

4. The feeding and discharging position of the whole set of equipment is equipped with a pulse dust removal system, and the working environment is less dusty.