Project site: Mongolia

Capacity: 500 kg/h feed plant is used to make sheep (goat) feed pellets

Final pellet: 3-8 mm feed pellet

Main Equipment: Feed mixer grinder, Ring die feed pellet machine, Counter flow Cooler, Screw Conveyor, Cyclone Dust Collector, etc.

The customer has his own sheep(goat) farm on the grassland, the sheep(goat) has enough feed in the Summer, but there is no enough grass in the Winter, so he had to buy lots of sheep(goat) feed pellet from ther feed plant in the past. The cost has always been high. So his farm needs a small scale animal feed plant.

With these information, we recommend our 250-Series sheep feed plant, it can fully meet the customer’s requirement, and we tested each equipment and sent the operation video to him before shipment, so he installed the production line himself easily in this warehouse.

Please contact us if you have any interest about this feed mill plant.

small scale animal feed plant
500kg small scale animal feed plant