Project site: China

Capacity: 20 ton/h (Double feed production line design)

Cost: 430,000 USD

Application: Poultry, Livestock and Animals

Main Raw material: Corn, Soybean meal, Fish meal, Wheat, Rapeseed meal, Soybean oil, Whey powder, Dicalcium Phosphate, Liquid Methionine, etc.

Main Equipment: Feed hammer mill, Mixing machine, Ring Die Feed Pellet Machine, Counterflow Cooler, Screw Conveyor, Steam Boiler, Pulse Dust Collector, Cyclone Dust Collector, Silos, etc.

The client is a project investor who purchased our fully automatic feed mill plant 5 years ago and installed it in Gansu Province, China.

The 20TPH poultry feed processing plant adopts a double-line design and has a larger output. It uses two crushing lines, one ingredient mixing line, two pelletizing lines and two packaging lines. It is currently being installed in Linyi City and will be put into use soon.

20tph poultry processing plant
feed processing plant cost
poultry feed processing plant project