Project site: Linyi

Capacity: 10TPH premix feed plant feed manufacturing

Final pellet: premix feed

Main Equipment: Feed hammer mill, mixing machine, Counter flow Cooler, Screw Conveyor, Bucket Elevator, Pulse Dust Collector, Cyclone Dust Collector, etc.

The customer plan to manage the premix feed business, the local market are in need of premix feed, but the price are very high, so the customer plan to do by their company, and we recommend the 10TPH, he found it very suitable.

We arrange 2 workers to help installation, just finished installation within 15 days, hope the customer can develop more customer in the near future.

Double Crane Machinery has won the trust and recognition of customers with its high-quality design solutions and strong manufacturing capabilities.

We sincerely provide all kinds of feed mill plant project, as long as you contact us, you can leave it to us from design to construction.

premix feed mill plant
10TPH premix feed plant