Project site: Philippines

Capacity: 10 ton/h

Application: Submersible aquatic feed

Main Machinery: double-shaft mixer, SZLH-508 ring die pellet mill, 12 batching bins, automatic packaging machine.

The Philippine customer has his own milkfish aquaculture factory and needs to purchase about 30,000 tons of fish feed every year. In order to reduce the cost of feed, the customer contacted us through a Chinese friend.

Our engineers designed this 10 ton fish feed production line according to the situation of the customer’s factory. Due to the variety of feed formula materials of customers, we have equipped this fish feed production line with 12 batching bins, two large ring die pellet machine and high-efficiency double-shaft mixers to fully meet the needs of customers.

Sinking Fish Feed Production Line
fish feed prodution line
Aquatic feed production line