Project site: Inner Mongolia

Capacity: 10 ton/h

Application: cattle, sheep and other rumination animals

Final pellet: 4 – 12 mm

Main Raw material: grains, forage grass, protein, bone meal, vitamins and minerals etc.

Cost: 200000 USD

10 ton animal feed processing plant
cattle feed processing plant
10 ton cattle feed processing plant

The customer has his own cattle and sheep farm and needs to buy a large amount of ruminant feed at regular intervals. In order to reduce the cost of purchasing cattle and sheep feed, the customer ordered this 10 ton cattle feed processing plant.

According to the customer’s existing plant size, our designers have designed this compact ruminant feed production line with reasonable machine configuration.

Cattle feed processing plant includes: forage grinder, feed mixer, batching scale, pellet mill, cooler, screening machine, automatic packaging machine and other equipment. It is a complete feed mill plant.